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Force Testing: An Ellard introduction to Force Testing through training.

Ellard has supplied the Blueforce Tester for a while now, and have recently expanded our offering to include an introduction to force testing.

All doors and gates must be force tested to BS EN 12453 in order to be given a UKCA or CE mark, in accordance with the Construction Product Regulations. This is essential to the safe operation of an automated door or gate, products that have the potential to cause serious harm if not operated properly.

Ellard offer training designed to introduce fitters to the principles of force testing, empowering them to make the correct decisions about how to perform these tests on-site. The training does not tell people exactly what tests to complete but covers major hazard areas to ensure the knowledge exists to make the correct decision on site. We then perform some practical testing on the show units at our Manchester site, ready to begin verifying safety and compliance on site.

Ellard also offers the opportunity to purchase a Blueforce unit to collect on the day or have shipped to your base location, with a calibration certificate valid for as long as possible. Force tester units must be recalibrated annually, hence why we supply them in this way.

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