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Graeme Dixon takes us through the FAQs on our range of Teleco panels.

As an employee of an ever-evolving Ellard, it’s always important for the technical support team to ensure our customer support is interactive and engaging, as well as informative and easy to follow. That’s why I’ve helped the team create several hands-on YouTube tutorials to fully demonstrate the functions of several of our most popular products. To that end, I’ve taken this opportunity to provide some information and links to videos about our products, as well as dispel a few common product misconceptions.

Five beeps on the Teleco panel.

This is highlighting a safety edge fault, on a wireless system, it is usually battery related but could also be a defective bottom slat transmitter (BST) and on both wired and wireless safety edge systems, it could be defective optical eyes within the rubber profile, or the rubber safety edge profile has become contaminated with water ingress or dust if the profile has perished and split.

Programming additional Teleco handsets

We have two operating modes for handsets on the Teleco roller doors. The single-channel operation, this is where one button on the handset controls the door sequentially (open – stop – close – stop) or two-button operation this where you have separate channels for open and close and whilst the door is travelling the opposite button stops the door. Both programming options can be found on our Youtube channel. Single-channel -, double channel -

Genesis handsets not operating

Quite often, this is misinterpreted as a low or defective battery within the handset but most of the time is just the handset that has locked out, to stop the accidental activation of the roller shutter. The handsets can be disabled and enabled by holding the stop (square) button for seven seconds and then the blue LED will flash. This demonstration can be found on our Youtube Channel along with how to open the handset to replace the battery.

Next time you require technical support, check back with our YouTube channel for an interactive solution to your problem as we continue to expand our portfolio of product demonstrations.

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