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How is Ellard's Sales Team preparing for change?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Last month we spoke about the changes that are happening within the sales team. The main difference being the team will be split into both a reactive and proactive side. This new split will come into place once Conexiom is working efficiently. Conexiom is a machine learning system that will process sales orders with 100% accuracy and will process within minutes. The split will consist of a reactive side that will still be dealing with incoming enquiries and quotes and a proactive side that will concentrate on improving customer intimacy, upselling, and learning as much as possible about our customers as businesses and as people.

In preparation for this, we have increased the number of training sessions that we are both creating and participating in. The team will be continuously learning about new products and be refreshed on existing products to ensure that have the most knowledge possible.

As we have had a new starter in electrical/production Ryan, we have utilised the training sessions that he is participating in as part of his induction to give the customer service team a chance to learn or be refreshed on products such as the Promax, the FCP-03 and the garage door panel and accessories. By increasing the number and frequency of training sessions, we hope that the customer service team will become more confident in giving customers knowledge and advice on products.

We will continue with training sessions indefinitely for the customer service team as we have found them to be extremely beneficial, allowing us as a team to constantly learn and improve so that we can offer the best service possible.

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