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Interdepartmental training: Sara Smith explains the benefits of training across the company.

As we run up to Christmas and the annual stock take, we have taken the opportunity to start some interdepartmental training. This is where members of the customer service team have been given the chance to work in the warehouse and stock control. We will be implementing this throughout 2023, across all areas so that all members of staff can understand how each area within the business operates, so as a company we can move as a cohesive collective.

To begin with, Anthony Pheonix and I have moved from customer service into the warehouse until the end of the year. We have been learning about the layout of the warehouse, where and how the products are stored as well as how the different warehouses are split up (industrial, garage, blinds, door gear etc). As well as this I have spent a lot of time picking orders, starting with the small orders such as fobs and batteries and slowly moving towards slightly larger orders like the industrial motors and small pallet orders. As well as this I have learnt about the different couriers that we use and how to determine what order needs to go on what courier depending on size, weight, and location.

I have found the time I have spent in the warehouse extremely beneficial as it has allowed me to see the products that I have been selling and has made me realise the true size and weight of the products. It has also made me appreciate what goes into picking an order and the implications that mistakes or late orders from the customer service team can have on the warehouse team.

Whilst I have been mainly focusing on the day-to-day picking, packing, and sending of orders, Anthony has spent his time in the warehouse working with the stock control department. This is a crucial time of year for this department as there is pressure to make sure all stock is correct before the stock take on the last week of work. Tony has spent his time making sure that all deliveries into Ellard are booked and put away in the correct location as quickly as possible. He has also been helping with the preparation for stock take which includes pre-counting and making sure all items are in the correct positions and ready for the count.

Overall, we have both enjoyed our experiences in the warehouse as it has shown us what goes into getting the products out the door to our customers. If this training continues for all staff, I believe it would help us all to understand what goes into each department as ultimately, we all need each other's department to make things work smoothly.

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