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Introducing Lee James, your new External Account Manager for the South West region.

At the start of December, we welcomed our newest starter, Lee James. Lee has joined the team as our External Account Manager for the South West. We sat down with Lee to discuss his journey so far and what he’s most excited about going forward.

Lee James: External Account Manager for the South West

In December, I embarked on a new chapter with Ellard, stepping into the role of a field-based Account Manager. My responsibilities encompass overseeing the South West Regions of the UK, spanning across portions of the West Midlands, Wales, and the South West coast.


Over the past decade, I've dedicated myself to the manufacturing sector, collaborating with a diverse range of companies—from small and medium enterprises to expansive international organisations—spanning various domains such as Automotive, Aerospace, and Agriculture, along with others. As a Field-based Territory Account Manager, my focus revolved around fostering robust partnerships with engineering firms, ensuring the provision of essential resources like tooling, PPE, and general engineering consumables.


Ever since becoming a part of the team, what truly strikes me is the exceptional strength of Ellard's brand within the industry. I'm deeply impressed by what Ellard brings to the table. In just under a month of being onboard, it's crystal clear that choosing to join this team was the right decision. The company's success undeniably stems from the collective efforts of Ellard's people and its steadfast commitment to its values. It's an incredible workplace, and that's all thanks to the phenomenal team driving its success!


I've had the opportunity to participate in a customer training session facilitated by our Technical experts, where we actively share invaluable training, support, and knowledge with our customers. It's this unparalleled level of support that truly defines us as industry leaders, setting us apart from the competition!

I'm genuinely thrilled about the prospects that lie ahead in my career here. I’m looking forward to meeting and engaging with my customers, and I'm eager to contribute to our team's efforts in reaching our 2024 sales targets. I'm committed to driving profitable growth for Ellard and helping achieve our collective goals.

Feel free to reach out or schedule a visit by emailing me at I'm more than happy to assist in any way I can!

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