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Meet Our Dynamic Marketing Department

At Ellard, we believe that marketing is not just about selling products or services, it's about building relationships with our customers. We aim to connect, engage, and deliver value in every interaction. Our marketing team is responsible for everything you see, from exciting social posts to carefully created brochures. They are responsible for the creative development of Ellard, cultivating a loyal customer base, and promoting our brand as more than just a business but also as a trusted partner.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the small team with big ideas and creative minds.

Danie Clubb - Marketing Manager

Danie Clubb is Ellard’s Marketing Manager, having worked at the business for over four years, she is an integral part of not only the department but Ellard as a whole. As Marketing Manager she sets the vision and oversees the entire marketing strategy, ensuring it aligns with our company's goals and values.

Known for her forward-thinking approach in steering Ellard’s creative direction towards success, Danie recognises the importance of using new technologies and amplifies the integration of innovative tools that amplify productivity and streamline operations. Diving deep into market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitor analysis. Danie’s insights help us make data-driven decisions, ensuring our strategies stay ahead of the curve.

Spearheading all projects within Ellard's marketing department, Danie elevates the team's output to unprecedented heights. Proficient in web development, SEO, graphic design, and an array of other cutting-edge tools, she drives the creation of a diverse range of innovative marketing initiatives. With her expertise, the marketing team can promise a future brimming with fresh and exciting contributions.

Danie excels at creating brochures and literature that effectively communicate our brand and products. Collaborating with numerous teams across the business, she produces engaging, visually appealing and educational material that highlights the true range of our product selection.

Jules Drake - Marketing Assistant

Jules, our dedicated Marketing Assistant, collaborates closely with Danie, bringing a wealth of expertise to Ellard's marketing team. With a degree in Media and Communications, Jules possesses a diverse skill set that significantly contributes to the team's growth and elevates our online presence.

Jules's role encompasses the creation of visually captivating content, the development of engaging campaigns, and the management of our digital footprint across social media and email marketing platforms. Their unwavering commitment keeps our brand at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In partnership with our technical experts, Jules takes the lead in producing and editing our instructive 'how-to' videos, a valuable resource for training your team on our products and troubleshooting when necessary. Our extensive video library is readily accessible on our YouTube channel:

Beyond this, Jules shoulders the vital responsibility of capturing high-quality images of our complete product database, a treasure trove that empowers our marketing endeavours. These visuals are the building blocks of our compelling marketing materials that are readily available for all our customers upon request.

Furthermore, Jules plays a pivotal role in keeping our valued customers informed about the latest developments within Ellard, from new product launches to exciting company updates. With their diligent work and the collective effort of our team, Jules ensures our news section remains a dynamic and up-to-date source of information.

What makes our marketing department truly special is the collaborative spirit that unites these diverse talents. Danie and Jules work in harmony, merging their unique skills to create marketing initiatives that resonate with our audience, uphold our brand's reputation, and drive growth. We hope this introduction to our marketing department offers you a glimpse into the dedication and expertise that drives our marketing efforts. Stay tuned for more updates on the amazing work they do, and how they continue to connect our brand with all our customers.

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