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Meet our external sales team!

Since the start of the year, we have reviewed the structure of our sales team with the aim to make us more responsive to customer’s needs.

Many in the industry will know Matthew Berry. Matthew was our National Sales Manager and had worked for NRG and Ellard for 8 years. Matthew has good relationships throughout the industry and always worked hard for all his customers. He has now decided to take on his next challenge at a new job opportunity and will be missed by everyone at Ellard.

After Matthew's departure our Ellard external sales team consists of:

Adam Robinson (see left) is the current Business Development Manager for the South of the UK. Adam will now take up the position of National Sales Manager and we are in the process of recruitment. Adam has worked for Ellard for 7 years and has a lot of experience and expertise.

Ashley Woodhead (see right) is our Business Development Manager in the North of the UK and will continue to provide a high level of service and support. Ashley has worked for Ellard for 6 years and has an excellent product and market knowledge.

Nick Lord (see left) is our Export Sales Manager and from the beginning of 2021 has moved away from his previous role as Head of Customer Service. This will allow Nick to have a dedicated focus on developing overseas markets. I know he is waiting expectantly for the Government to relax travel restrictions.

Lee Chapman is the National Sales Manager for the automation of blinds. Lee started at Ellard just as the global pandemic started and the UK fell into full lockdown. Despite the unprecedented challenges, Lee continued to be positive and develop our range of motors and controls used to automate internal and external blinds.

If you have any requirements, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

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