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Meet the Team! - Danielle Jackson, Head of Customer Service

Danielle Jackson – Head of Customer Service

As the Head of Customer Services at Ellard I am responsible for the heartbeat of the company, I oversee the Customer service teams to ensure we strive to provide exemplary customer service. My role is a fast-paced dynamic role built on solid foundations of process and procedure enabling us to be proactive and meet the needs of our customers. I joined Ellard through the acquisition of NRG. I started my journey as temporary admin at NRG and have developed my skills to gain a series of promotions. I strive to better myself every day to improve both what I, my team and Ellard do to reach our goals and be seen as the best in the industry for service, knowledge and support. I enjoy my time working at Ellard immensely, particularly when getting to know all our stakeholders from key customers brought over from NRG, to new industrial and gate customers. I take great pride in encouraging and developing relationships with both customers and colleagues, and am a firm believer in working together with customers to achieve common goals.

2021 is only the start. Continuous improvement is our vision and I look forward to helping to create a brighter future for all.

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