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Meet the team: Ellard's new Key Accounts Team.

At Ellard, there are going to be some exciting changes in the office in the new year with the introduction of the Key Account Management Team. The team will consist of four members including Sara Smith, Justin Whitaker, and Leslie Potts and will be managed by Nick Lord.

The Key Account Management Team will be a specialised group that will oversee looking after Ellard’s top accounts ensuring that we provide the customer with the best service we possibly can. The reason behind the creation of the new team is that we wanted to provide a more personalised service for our customers by ensuring we have a specific team there to be able to look after, deal with any issues and be there for our top accounts when needed.

We also wanted to create the team so that we can learn more about our customers including their spending habits/trends but also them as people so that ultimately, we can build stronger partnerships and therefore increase the trust they have in us at Ellard. Having a team dedicated to building stronger relationships with our customers will allow us to have a better insight into our customers' wants and needs so as a company we can offer a better service by being able to provide this.

This team will be launched in January 2023 and we will be there to help any of our top customers with their orders and queries to ensure our relationships and partnerships with our customers continue to grow stronger.

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