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Moving to a digital future with Conexiom.

Throughout 2021, Ellard has experienced a surge in sales, putting a strain on our ability to efficiently process orders, which is currently a manual and time-consuming task. Due to the current workload and rare though inevitable occurrence of human error, mistakes are sometimes made, which then incur further costs and delays. In turn, having to dedicate the majority of our manpower and resources to processing orders results in a lack of time for product training, and therefore more convoluted interactions with customers.

To mitigate the issues, Ellard will be implementing an automated order processing system called Conexiom, thus eliminating manual order processing. Conexiom uses an extract, transform, create and deliver model, capturing the purchase orders from emails, then validating the data using AI and importing the sales orders into our ERP system. Each transaction takes approximately two minutes but is delivered with 100% data accuracy.

This will allow our Customer Service team more time to dedicate to improving support, developing their added value activities such as customer intimacy, product knowledge, lead generation, quote chasing and customer profiling.

Ellard have identified areas for improvement and, with considerable investment, we are utilising new technologies to provide a paperless system to propel the business towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

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