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Nick Lord speaks about how Ellard are preparing for the Marantec launch.

As part of the launch of the Marantec range, it is my responsibility to ensure that all staff are fully competent in all aspects of the product, with this in mind we will be conducting interactive training sessions for all members of the team. Everyone at Ellard is working extremely hard to prepare for the launch so that all of our customers have a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout the buying journey. Having this training in place will ensure that no matter who you speak to in the business, you'll always be receiving the best level of service possible.

The Marantec range will be fully modular to allow customisation of the product to suit your individual requirements. All components such as cable sets and control panels will be truly ‘plug and play’ and available in a variety of options depending on your preferences or specification. This ‘blueprint’ will be the way all industrial motors from Ellard will be supplied eventually, and we feel the Marantec product is the ideal starting point to provide a fully modular range of the future.

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