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Product Training at Ellard

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

There are a range of workshops now available in Ellard’s New Training Centre. These facilities prove a huge advancement in the way Ellard can provide training with an extensive range of working examples available on the upper floor and a classroom environment where technical information can be taught on the lower.

Built by Ellard’s own Dave England, the training room’s working examples are accompanied with all accessories and safety add-ons that you may come across daily when working with industrial doors. Because of this, Ellard’s training sessions are a close simulation of real-life where tasks such as fault finding and force-testing can be carried out in a way that ensures a thorough learning experience.

Our new training centre will offer you the opportunity to focus on a single product or learn the details about a range of core products within your business. Therefore, no matter which products prove more significance to you, we can tailor each training course around your exact needs.


  1. Basic electrics for the door industry, including the use of multi-meters and fault finding.

  2. Ellard product training for all types of industrial door, garage door, gate and blind automation products.

  3. Basic door courses for new entrants to the door industry.

  4. Maintenance and repair for all types of industrial doors, gates and traffic barriers.

  5. Fast action doors and controllers.

We are expecting further developments in our training centre with Comunello supplying two totems of working sliding and swing gate automation examples, and, Intratone supplying us with a stand of intercoms and access controls. With these additions we are sure that our training facilities will carry on developing and improving our ability to give the best training experiences to all in the door and gate industry.

For more information or to book a training course please contact us at

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