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Raising standards at Ellard: Instilling confidence through product knowledge.

Ellard are committed to raising standards, and by providing a wide range of training on our products, we feel it will give our customers a greater understanding and confidence in what we sell.

What type of training is available?

We offer a range of Product training covering all our various product lines, including Industrial motor products and controllers, Garage door motors and accessories, Gates & Barriers, Blind motors and accessories, and Basic Electrical. We provide bespoke training to suit customer’s needs, and by them providing specifics, we’ll make sure those needs are covered.

What benefits our training will give our customers?

· A certificate of attendance will be provided

· The training is complementary

· Practical training including troubleshooting

· A better understanding on product features and benefits

· Access to our you tube channel, which include videos to support the training given

What extra support will we provide?

· Expert technical advice via telephone

· Refresher training to support customers’ needs

To support our bespoke training sessions, we have created alternative avenues of customer support, accessible online, which are outlined below.

YouTube Video Library

During our bespoke training sessions, we encourage our customers to talk about what we can do differently to support their needs. On reflection, our technical support is ultimately their number one need. To assist them, their customers, and our technical support team, we’ve introduced some short snippet “How to” videos. Each video focuses on specific functions and the general operation of any given individual product. Such demonstrations include:

· How to programme a transmitter

· How to set the limits

· How to configure safety edge

· How to set digital limits

Throughout 2022, we’ll continue to increase our library, which will reduce our technical calls and increase our overall service level.


As we move into a new digital era, Ellard have embraced this change and introduced our own webinar. Utilising the Zoom platform, the webinar is held once a month and is used to target a specific product range. Once a product is selected, we then target our existing customer base through the power of social media, email, and word of mouth. We then prepare a 10-minute video detailing the specifics of our product:

· Features & Benefits

· Tour of the Circuit Board

· How to Programme

· Diagnostics

This video is then played at the start of the webinar, followed by a live questions and answers session. Having now completed four successful webinars, it’s become apparent how invaluable they are to our customer base.


"The training today was excellent. I thought you explained everything clearly and it was great that we actually got to do some hands-on programming and setting limits etc". (Millar Blinds Group)

"Thank you for the training they all thought it was very worthwhile". (Prodoor)

"It was nice to finally meet you in person the other day and be able to get a look around the Ellard factory/offices. The training course I found everything was explained clearly and the content was well delivered and even though I’ve had experience setting up the motors before it was still a really useful day discussing how the hub works and how it can be linked to Alexa as well as learning little things, I didn’t know such as deleting unused channels on the remote etc". (Vesta Blinds)

"Thanks for your time the guys really enjoyed and got a lot out of it". (GEZE UK Ltd)

"Thank you very much for today, all of our team in attendance today were really impressed with their experience today. We feel that Ellard have all bases covered for our industry and are confident that we could use them as our sole motor supplier in the not-too-distant future, the support so far has been amazing, and we are looking forward to increasing the products that we are able to offer with the help and support from Lee and the guys at Ellard. Thank you for a fun filled educational day". (Signature Blinds)

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