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Rearrangements in the customer service team to improve workflows.

This month on the customer service team we have decided to ‘shake up’ and trial a different method to tackle our daily procedures to try and relieve pressure off the team and minimize mistakes.

Part of this trial procedure is to spilt the customer service POD into two teams; one half on the phones and the other half concentrating on emails. The half of the team on the phones will be concentrating on answering all calls in a timely manner, taking all phone enquiries, orders, and quotes verbally and taking time to answer all questions the customers have. By taking the pressure of the sales inbox from this half of the team it allows us to take more time to talk and get to know our customers and their needs, creating a better relationship between ourselves and our customers.

The other half of the team are focusing on all incoming emails that come into the main sales email inbox. This includes processing orders, arranging returns, quotes, queries and chasing orders. Just like the phone team, solely concentrating on the emails and not being distracted by phones allows our email team to process orders more efficiently, reply to queries and quotes quicker and again should help to minimize mistakes.

We have tried this new procedure since the beginning of the month and up to now have had some great feedback. We are hoping that by trialling this we will be able to deliver a higher level of service to our customers as it allows us to reply and process everything quicker and more efficiently. It will also help to relieve pressure and stress from the team creating a happier and more accomplished team that delivers an excellent service to all of our customers.

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