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Simple Installation, Simple Setup, Simple Use: How the Simple Panel Provides Efficiency Every Step of the Way

The Simple Panel, complete with two transmitters, is a meticulously crafted solution designed with both the installer and end-user in mind. Throughout this article, we delve into the thoughtful design elements, that not only simplify installation processes for technicians out in the field but also enhance the everyday experience for garage door users. Join us as we explore how the Simple Panel is engineered to alleviate hassles at every step of the way.

Simple Installation 

The Simple Panel stands as the pinnacle of efficiency for installers, revolutionising the wiring process with its pre-wired plug and intelligently laid-out board. Featuring colour-coded and marked terminals, this panel streamlines the wiring of various components, including tubular motors, safety edges, safety brakes, and accessories like key switches and smart home automation devices such as the SmartLife. Designed with time-saving in mind, the Simple Panel comes pre-programmed with two fob transmitters, significantly reducing the time spent on programming and setup. 

Simple Setup 

For additional programming and setup customisation, the Simple Panel offers three distinct modes through its set buttons:

Programming Mode:

Entering this mode is as simple as pressing both buttons until both LEDs start flashing. 

Once in Programming Mode, users can utilise the P2 button to program additional transmitters and configure specific functions such as safety edge exclusion and auto-close.

This mode also facilitates the useful function of safety edge deactivation which allows for the safety edge to be deactivated up to 50mm from the floor enabling the full close of the door even on uneven floors.

To fine-tune your settings, press the P1 button to erase individual or all currently programmed transmitters. 

It's important to highlight that if the panel remains inactive in programming mode for 10 seconds, the mode will automatically exit. In such cases, users will need to reinitiate the process to enter programming mode.

Limit Learning Mode:

To access the Limit Learning Mode, initiate the process by pressing both buttons three times, holding them down on the third press for five seconds until a distinct beep is heard and both LEDs begin flashing slowly. This activates Dead Man use in both directions, providing comprehensive control to set precise limits on the tubular motor.

To exit the Limit Learning Mode, simply repeat the action: press both buttons three times, holding them down on the third press for five seconds until another beep is heard, and both LEDs stop flashing.

Standard Use Mode:

When exiting programming mode and limit learning mode the panel automatically enters standard use mode meaning it is ready for everyday use.

Simple Use 

Catering to end-users, the Simple Panel boasts a sleek and straightforward layout, featuring only up and down buttons. This minimalistic design eliminates any potential confusion in using the product, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Complete with two transmitters in the kit, the Simple Panel has everything the user needs to get started.

Moreover, the Simple Panel offers the flexibility of bidirectional connections. This functionality enables seamless integration with accessories like the Ask Wall Transmitter or the SmartLife home hub. These additions provide users with real-time door status updates, even when the door is out of sight.

In addition to the visible door status feature, the Simple Panel enhances security with an adjustable auto-close feature. Users can set the auto-close time anywhere between 5 to 180 seconds, guaranteeing the safeguarding of valuables stored in garages. This combination of simplicity, connectivity, and security makes the Simple Panel a versatile and reliable solution for end-users.

For more questions on our simple panel, get in contact with a member of our team who will be happy to help you further:

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