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Simplify installations with Digital Limits!

Demand for our DDO direct drive motors with digital limits increased significantly during 2021. We took the decision to manufacture the drives with mechanical and digital limits at our factory and complete the production process at Ellard where we install and test each drive with a Kostal encoder and control unit.

The Direct Drive digital limit range includes motors from 170Nm to 2000Nm and completes our offering of digital limit motors which already includes high-speed doors. All digital motors are supplied fully pre-wired with the Promax unit at a low level enabling the motor limits to be set or reset safely from floor level. Promax controls have inputs for all safety features including wired or wireless safety edge, photocells, wireless receiver, and other switching possibilities.

All Ellard DDO motors include:

· High precision worm drive gearbox ensuring smooth operation and extended life.

· Built-in anti-fall back device reducing the installation time on site.

· Digital limits can be set safely at floor level without the need for additional access equipment.

· Low-level manual haul chain as standard

Fully pre-wired with choice of Mini or Maxi control units.

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