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SmartLife: Optimise control with the new Smartlife Remote Wifi Controller

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Operate your garage door from any location worldwide at the push of a button. By using the ‘Smart life Network’ Wifi-garage door controller, you can now turn your garage into a smart product, by simply connecting the app to the existing door motor or controller. The Smart life Network’ controller, allows you to take control and feel at ease, leaving no doubt about the open or closed state of the door; by checking the app on your phone to see the visible door status or by receiving notifications when the status changes. You can also have the ability and option to share the smart remote with others by sending an invite through your phone, however, you remain the administrator and can move them at any time, the control is still in your hands.

To connect the controller, all that is needed is to connect the pair of included cables and connect to the garage door. From there you will be able to control and monitor the door, which will be fully accessible from your smart device or a smart home hub.

Keep up to Date: - Receive Alarm Notifications

The ‘Smart life Network’ controller will provide instant real-time notifications to your smart device. With the help of the controller, you can quickly and easily check if the door is open or closed and, receive notifications if the door operates or is left open for a set period. Whilst you do have to option to deactivate notifications, they do offer a heightened form of security, especially when away from your home.

Share Your Device with Others

By sharing your device with others you are trusting them to operate your garage door permanently or for a set amount of days. All that is needed to share your device, is to send a message from the application to the intended user. If they have not done so already, they will have to download the ‘SmartLife APP’, once downloaded they will have the access needed to control your garage door.

Operate from Anywhere in the World

When your smart device is connected to Wi-Fi or 4G, you will be able open, close and view the status of your garage. Regardless of where you are, you can control your door status from any location worldwide.

How Does it Work?

Smart Life Network Wi-Fi controller is a simple to use App based system that allows control of your garage door from your smart device and provides status updates for your garage door. The system requires a 2-wire connection into the existing control panel by using the provided 5m cable. A plug-in low voltage power adapter is also provided, making the system safe to install and use. A Wi-Fi or 4G signal is necessary to operate your smart device as a controller, as the controller runs through the home Wi-fi connection, a good signal inside your garage would be required.

Your Wi-Fi controller receives commands from your smart device, triggering open and close signals or can test the position of the door. A battery-powered sensor and magnet located at the bottom of the door are used to determine door position. Any attempt to break in by raising the door generates a notification to your phone, another feature that will heighten your security.

The garage door controller should be set to open and close impulse mode and fitted with a safety edge or similar comprehensive presence detection. The app is free to use, and the system can connect to any motor or control panel that has a dynamic switch connection (two wires for cyclic control- Open-stop-close-stop-open etc). Parallel is an example of the system showing an existing motor controller connected to

a SmartLife device.

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