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The Carbon Literacy Project: Ellard’s Journey to 100% Carbon Literacy

Climate change is an urgent global issue, and businesses play a crucial role in addressing it. We have previously spoken about the Carbon Literacy Project, which is an inspiring initiative aimed at educating and empowering individuals and organisations to take meaningful action against climate change. At Ellard, we are proud to announce that we have completed all of our internal training sessions and are on track to becoming a 100% Carbon-Literate business.

This article delves into our journey, the significance of carbon literacy, and the impact of our employees' pledges on reducing our carbon footprint.

What is the Carbon Literacy Project?

The Carbon Literacy Project is an internationally recognised program that offers comprehensive training on climate science, carbon footprints, and effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project’s goal is to create a widespread understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change, enabling individuals and organisations to make informed decisions that contribute to a low-carbon future.

Ellard’s Commitment to Carbon Literacy

At Ellard, our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is at the core of our values. At the start of last year, we had finished calculating our very first carbon footprint, and we were committed to making reductions across our entire supply chain. We understand how important education is when it comes to inducing the necessary behaviour change required to shift toward a low-carbon society, so we looked toward the Carbon Literacy Project.

Recognising the importance of carbon literacy, we embarked on a comprehensive training program to ensure that all our employees are well-equipped to contribute to our sustainability goals.

Throughout our training journey we have implemented the help of our internal trainers, Jules Drake, Fizzah Tauqeer and Danie Clubb. This trio has been vital in bringing education, awareness and empowerment to our entire workforce, igniting employees with the power and agency to make significant changes in their personal lives and across the organisation.

Our carbon literacy training was a multi-phase process designed to educate and engage employees at all levels. The training sessions were built to reflect issues across the globe, localised problems, and obstacles we can expect in the industrial sector as a result. We wanted to create sessions that engaged all employees and encouraged decisions that not only deepened their understanding but also fostered a collaborative solution-finding approach to the climate crisis.

Completing our carbon literacy training is a significant milestone for Ellard. It reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and our proactive approach to addressing climate change. Our employees have not only gained valuable knowledge but have also made impressive carbon-saving pledges that demonstrate their commitment to making a difference.

Extending Carbon Literacy Beyond Ellard

Now that we have finished training our staff, we are excited to extend Carbon Literacy training to our customers and suppliers. By bringing carbon literacy training to our wider network, we aim to foster a more sustainable supply chain where every stakeholder is empowered to make informed, climate-positive decisions.

Our Next Steps

  • Customer Workshops: Offering dedicated carbon literacy workshops to our customers to help them understand and reduce their carbon footprints.

  • Supplier Training Programs: Collaborating with our suppliers to integrate carbon literacy into their operations, encouraging a more sustainable supply chain.

  • Continued Support: Providing ongoing resources and support to ensure that all participants remain engaged and updated on the latest in climate science and sustainability practices.

The Carbon Literacy Project has been instrumental in transforming our understanding and approach to climate action at Ellard. By achieving 100% carbon literacy, we are not only contributing to a more sustainable future but also setting an example for other organisations in the industry to follow. We invite you to join us on this journey and make your own commitment to carbon literacy and environmental sustainability. Together, we can make a significant impact on combating climate change.

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