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The History of Ellard: Our journey through the years.

Ellard was founded as “Ellard Sliding Door Gears Limited” in the mid-1950s. Solely supplying Sliding Door Gears for both industrial and domestic applications. The industrial range was mainly used on Agricultural Buildings, whilst the Domestic interior sliding door was perceived at that time as a space-saving way of creating privacy in the home.

When the mid-1990s rolled around our assets were purchased by Ellard Doors Limited, which then augmented both Garage doors and electric motors into its product portfolio. The addition of these specialities, allowed Ellard’s audience to grow and more opportunities to arise.

The Business was then acquired by The Ensor Holdings PLC Group in 2001, and from here we were known under Ellard Limited, which is still the case today. However, at this point, Ellard only had 25 employees, we had turned over less than £2 Million and were losing money. The solution was to expand, there followed by a period of furthering our product portfolio. With the addition of tube motors, gates and barriers, Ellard begins to take the steps for what we are now renowned for. Furthermore, at this time we also established our technical support team, another feature that makes Ellard unique.

It grew until 2017. Ensor PLC decided to sell all its businesses and under that process, Ellard was acquired by Indutrade UK Limited, a subsidiary of Indutrade AB in Sweden.

Late in 2018, Ellard completed the purchase of NRG Automation Limited, bringing with it the expertise in Garage Door Motors and Blinds Motors.

Whilst there has been extensive change throughout the years, with the addition of several specialities, Ellard's dedication to providing high-quality and long-lasting applications remains our number one priority. Today Ellard sits as a multi-million-pound business with a complete product range, technical expertise and a backup service second to none.

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