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The importance of Women's empowerment in the industry.

Through Ellard’s parent company, Indutrade, we can offer our employees a wide range of exciting training opportunities. One of our most successful and impactful is the Women’s Empowerment course.

Within the engineering sector, there is a large gender disparity, with women making up an average of 21% of the workforce. As a business in this sector, we must provide women with tools that instil confidence and knowledge for progression. Programmes like the Women’s Empowerment Course are vital in achieving an environment that promotes and actively participates in helping women grow in their careers.

We sat down with Hana Din and Rebecca Peilober to discuss how the Women’s Empowerment course has positively impacted their attitude at work and why courses like this are important for companies to offer to their employees. We started by talking about why they wanted to participate in this course and the verdict was unanimous; to build confidence and develop personally. Overall, the feedback received from the course has been overwhelmingly positive, with 75% of attendees stating it exceeded expectations.

When speaking to Rebecca Peilober, she stated, “the empowerment course has made me more confident in my work and everyday life and has given me the courage and skills to get what I want in life”. The experience gained from the course provides attendees with a vast range of tools that can help positively impact their approach to scenarios within and outside of a work environment. Many of the attendees explained one of the most significant issues they face personally is ‘imposter syndrome', which can be described as persistent self-doubt of your abilities and your merit within your position. Studies indicate that 90% of all women will have experienced this feeling within the workplace. However, feedback after the course highlighted that the majority of this self-doubt had been alleviated and replaced with optimism and self-assurance to carry out their role.

Ellard’s parent company, Indutrade, follows the ethos of ‘people make the difference’ and therefore strives for all companies to create an environment that cultivates all employee's skills and values. The empowerment course is one of many that helps make this happen. Out of all participants who took part in the course, 100% said they would recommend it to a colleague. Ellard is proud to offer such a meaningful opportunity, which we will continue to do into the future.

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