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The TVNRG 101: Your Top TVNRG FAQs Answered

In this article, we'll break down everything you need to know about operating and customising the TVNRG-E02/E04 garage door control panel. Whether you're new to limit learn mode or want to explore features like remote programming, cloning, or safety settings, we've got you covered. Let's simplify the process to save time during the TVNRG set-up.

Limit Learn Setting

How does the limit learn mode work?

Limit learn mode is the setting you place your controller in to set your desired limits. The TVNRG comes as standard in this mode.

In limit learn mode, you can operate the shutter in dead-man operation. Dead-man operation facilitates the ability to position the door using the PROG button to open the shutter and the DEL button to close it. The limit learn mode gives you safe control over the door during the limit-setting process. The red power LED will flash during this mode.

How do I return the panel to automatic mode from limit learn mode?

Press and hold the PROG and DEL buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds until a beep is heard, indicating the panel is back in automatic mode. The red power LED will become solid.

Can remotes be programmed in limit learn mode?

No, when the panel is in limit learn mode, remote transmitters will not program.

Programming your remotes to The TVNRG

How do I program the remotes?

One Button Operation:

  • Press and hold the program button on the control panel.

  • As you are holding this button press the desired command button on your remote.

  • Release both buttons when the tone changes.

Two Button Operation:

  • Press the program button on the control panel twice.

  • As you are holding this button, press the top button on the remote.

  • Release both buttons when the tone changes.

How do I program the TVNRG light to the remote?

  • Press the PROG button 3 times, holding on the third press.

  • While holding, press the desired spare button on the remote until the tone changes.

  • When the tone changes, release both buttons.

How do I clone a new remote from an existing one?

  • Press and hold the small pinhole button on the back of the preprogrammed remote until a beep is heard.

  • Release and quickly press the up button on both the preprogrammed and new remotes. An intermittent beep confirms pairing.

How do I delete a remote from the TVNRG?

Individual Remotes

  • Press the DEL button 4 times, holding down on the fourth press. As you are holding the button, a rapid beeping will be heard.

  • Keep holding the button and press the top button on the remote you want to delete. A continuous beep will be heard, this means the remote is now deleted.

All Memory

  • Press DEL button 5 times and hold on to the fifth press until a rapid beep begins. Continue to hold this button until the sound becomes a continuous beep. All remotes will now be erased.

Setting up 'Holiday Mode' on the TVNRG

What is Holiday Mode?

Holiday mode disables the up, stop, and down buttons on the control panel but maintains the possibility of using remote operation. 

How to disable and re-enable your TVNRG

  • Disable the buttons on the panel by holding the middle stop button for 5 seconds.

  • Re-enable the buttons by holding the middle stop button for 5 seconds and simultaneously pressing the up button on the remote.

Keeping operation safe

How does safety edge exclusion work?

This feature allows you to disconnect the safety edge 50 mm from the floor. This is useful if the garage door is being installed on an uneven floor.

  • Take your shutter halfway.

  • Place an object in the middle of the shutter.

  • Turn off and on the mains power.

  • Press the programme button ten times holding on the 10th press until 3 beeps are heard on the panel. Let go of the programme button.

  • Open the shutter fully without taking your finger off the button. Once fully open the panel will beep to confirm. Once you hear the beep, take your finger off the button.

  • Close the shutter while holding the close button and let it close on the object. The shutter will stop and another beep will be heard.

  • Let go of the close button and the process is now complete.

Note: The exclusion zone only works from the fully open position as it calculates the run time of the travel.

For any additional queries or assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help! Feel free to get in touch by contacting us at

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