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The UKCA mark:What are the current rules?

Back in August we were informed that the deadline for the transition to the new UKCA marking was postponed by 12 months, meaning that installers can continue to use the CE mark until 31 December 2022.

Despite this, the Government are recommending that the UKCA mark be used (within GB) already. A different set of rules apply to Northern Ireland, where the CE mark will retain validity, alongside the UK(NI) mark, depending on where the product evidence lies.

At present, the rules for both CE and UKCA markings are the same, and the good news is that where evidence must be supplied to underline these there has been no change in what needs to be done. Where type-testing was completed by an EU Notified Body, and is still held as such, this evidence can be used directly to issue either a CE or UKCA mark. Where the evidence was gathered by a UK Notified Body (now Approved Body), this data is only valid for UKCA, and will need to be duplicated should CE marks also be required.

This situation is liable to change if in future there is any divergence of standards, but further information on both current standards and any updates will be available through both, and for more industry specific guidance, the DHF. DHF guidance here is freely available, to both members and non-members, though membership does bring other benefits for both training and guidance.

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