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Top 5 accessories to pair with your Limit car park barrier.

The Limit car park barrier

Using an automated car park barrier is one of the most effective solutions for site entrances and restricted areas. Providing reliable and secure access to authorised vehicles and personnel, our security barriers are truly customisable to your needs.

Ellard’s series of Limit Barriers are available in a range of motor sizes and cover all possible road widths up to 8 metres. Performance and security are guaranteed with easy-to-use controls, robust barrier arms, strong metal gearings and a powerful aluminium motor.

To further optimise your car park installation, we’ve listed our top five must-have accessories to add to your Limit car park barrier…

Loop detectors

A loop detector is a copper wire induction loop embedded in the road surface. When connected to a loop detector, it creates a magnetic field and when a vehicle passes over the loop, it disturbs the field. This signal is used to open your automatic security barrier.

Using a loop detector for your barriers provides many benefits. This simple system can effectively monitor and evaluate traffic flow, allowing for easy access to residential properties and car parks. In addition to opening and closing the gate as required, the loop detector can also prevent the gate from closing too soon, providing an additional level of security.

The loop detector is hidden in the ground, meaning it cannot be easily tampered with, ensuring a safe and secure system. Overall, a loop detector is a popular and flexible option for those looking to automate their security barrier.

Barrier Skirts

There are numerous benefits to adding a bottom barrier skirt to an automatic barrier. Providing an added security measure, the barrier skirt prevents people from walking under the barrier, climbing over it or trying to slide their motorbikes underneath.

As the skirt can fold up when the barrier lifts, users can provide additional security without taking up any extra space.

Victor handheld transmitter for car park barrier


Our Victor 2 and 4 channel transmitters are a great addition to your barrier installation. Operating on an 868,46 Mhz frequency with fixed code and a code copying function the Victor is easy to set up and even easier to use.

Available in five colour options, the Victor is housed in a sleek ergonomic design that provides seamless operation. With a range of over 100 metres, users can open their barriers with ease before arriving on-site rather than having to tap in with a fob, allowing quick entrance to your site.

Dart photocell for car park barrier system


If you haven’t already, it's important to consider adding photocell sensors. These sensors serve as a safety feature by detecting if there is an obstacle in the gate's path.

They come in pairs and work by sending an infrared beam from one sensor to the other. If the beam is interrupted, a signal will be sent to the barrier to stop and revert.

Photocell sensors are a crucial component in ensuring the overall safety of your car park barrier system.

Traffic Light strips

Adding a Traffic light strip is a quick and easy way to add another level of safety to your entry system. The LED strip is simple to install and has an average running life of 50,000 hours.

By utilising the traffic light strip users can have a visual confirmation of whether or not the barrier is safe to pass through, this added safety feature is particularly useful in environments where light is poor, for example, tunnel exits or late at night.

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Our team is always happy to help with any queries, if you have any questions regarding our security barriers or any of our other products, please get in touch with us here.

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