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Women in Indutrade: The Beginning of a Support Group Advocating for Women in the Workplace 

Working towards the Indutrade objective to have a 100% engaged workforce, the women of Indutrade UK joined together to create a safe space to discuss potential concerns and develop action points to ensure all Indutrade companies are fair, safe and healthy places to work. Indutrade states on their website that “ensuring that employees feel good and develop in the organisation are priority areas for Indutrade and crucial for the Group’s success. We help create the conditions for the long-term growth of our business by focusing on continuously developing leadership skills and competencies, having inclusive teams and workplaces where people thrive and by ensuring that there are safe and healthy working conditions.”

Over the past two years, Indutrade has hosted multiple Empowering women courses that have given an abundance of women in the group the confidence to speak up and reach out to others and realise that they are not alone in their worries or struggles. The course taught key lessons to use both in the workplace and in real life to give them the knowledge to go for what they want in life. Using this gained strength the Women in Indutrade group was formed and discussions are in play to ensure there is a fair representation for women across all Indutrade companies in the UK.

This is just the start, but we can see significant movements for change coming from the group in the future. May it be adapting policies to make them more friendly for female lifestyles to closing the gap of male to female ratio in senior management, change towards a more diverse group is on the horizon.

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