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Working with the community: Introducing The Tree of Life Centre.

Ellard has been looking to partner with a local charity, having been involved in the community since 1995. We felt it was important to continue to support our community where possible. The Tree of Life Centre, in Wythenshawe, is an organisation that offers numerous valuable services to the surrounding areas such as providing a community cafe, health & well-being sessions, and several other outreach programs.

We met with the Tree of Life team to figure out where we were compatible and how we can work together in a meaningful way. Whilst we are only at the beginning of our journey with the Tree of Life Centre, we are looking forward to continuing this partnership and aiding in making an impact in our local community.

Following the office refurb in July, we had a large amount of excess furniture that we wanted to dispose of sustainably. Therefore, the first action we took within our partnership, was the donation of said furniture. By doing this we not only gave the furniture a second life, but we also were able to provide the Tree of Life Centre with a great new office too!

As well as this, we are currently collecting for Christmas in terms of both food and toiletries that can go out through the food bank. Annually the Tree of Life Centre distributes around 102,000 meals through its food bank and pantry, an important attribute of the centre that needs as much support as possible. We’re also collecting items of furniture and ornaments throughout the business, to be sold in their charity shops.

As of recently, our very own Director of Business Transformation, John McGorrigan, has joined the Tree of Life Centre Board of Trustees and is spearheading our partnership with the organisation. We have already discussed how Ellard can help in the development of their business centre, to help people through their journey into employment. There’s still lots of scope for discussion in this area, but we are excited to be able to offer the Tree of Life Centre our continued commitment.

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