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Fire Motors

JM Fire Motor Range

Extensive range of fire motors from JM150 (capable of lifting up to 170Kg) to JM2200 (capable of lifting up to 1800Kg)

You can assured that the JM range complies with the all the latest regulations!

It is a legal requirement that motors have a minimum of 4 limits (for 2 travel, 2 for emergency)

All Ellard JM Motors comply with this requirement and many now have 6 limits to provide you with additional benefits



Ellard Fire Motors are considered among the best in the industry

  • Available in 3 Phase, 415v or 1 Phase, 240v
  • Available from 70nm to 300Nm
  • Low Level or High Level Override Mechanisms
  • With or without brake.
  • Fully pre-wired with 7 meter Push Button Cable Length and 8 meter haul chain included in price
  • Supplied as Impulse Up, Deadman Down Operation
  • Easily upgraded to accept any type of safety feature or include remote control by simply connecting the Ellard DC2 Controller
  • Simple to adjust mechanical limit assembly
  • Can be used on traditional shutters where side room is limited.  Can also be used as a standard rolling drive fire motors
  • Incorporates manual override function with controlled descent mechanism
  • Full range of bracket packs available
  • Motors are available in either 1ph or 3ph versions

Accessories for Fire Motors

  • Full range of release control units including PP400 auto reset solenoid with fusible link backup
  • Wide range of anti dropdown safety brakes
  • FDCP audio visual panels can be connected to photo beams, smoke and heat detectors, which allows full control over how the shutter will descend in fire conditions, including a partially closed smoke curtain setting. The FDCP also comes with an airport specification which allows an override of the closed shutter in case personnel are trapped behind the shutter.

More Information:

Fire motors are an integral part of your building’s fire and safety regulations, and so it’s essential that you receive a motor which is dependable and of the highest quality. Take a look at our guide for more information on the importance of fire motors.

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