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JM500 3PH

Approx lifting weight, 280 kg at a speed of 6.2 rpm.

The Ellard JM Fire Motor is built with rapid set limit switches and incorporates a low-level override system with a controlled descent. Each JM motor has a built-in PCB controller and a low-level open/stop/close push button. Open, close and two safety limits as standard.

A three-phase operator capable of lifting doors up to 5.5m in height and 280 Kg in weight. Also used with Bracket Pack 8. Available with a variety of sprockets.


BRACKET PACK 5 FOR JM500 - 03275

BP5 Bracket Pack.png

1 X Back Plate

Fixing studs for JM500, c/w drive boss 50T 5/8" pitch plate wheel, 5/8" chain, link and break device.


1 X Shaft

35mm plain shaft, 350mm total length with 60mm stepped down to 30mm keyed.

BP5 Disk.png

126mm Disc Set

2 x plain discs and 1 x drive disc.

BP5 Disk.png

157mm Disc Set

2 x plain discs and 1 x drive disc.

BP5 baring.png

Flange Bearing 

1 x 35mm Flange Bearing.

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