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The Eagle: What are the benefits of underground gate motors?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The Eagle underground electromechanical motor is the optimal solution for residential and industrial swing gates. Designed to provide a solution for projects and architectural designs which require completely clean lines, the Eagle’s ergonomic housing will fit harmoniously into any environment without disrupting the space.

Unsure if the Eagle is the right choice for your installation? Here are our top four benefits of underground gate motors…

Keep your space safe.

All forms of automated gate systems provide significantly more security than their manual counterparts.

However, due to their discrete nature, underground motors are naturally tamper-proof and their hidden components mean they are a lot less likely to be targeted. With the Eagle underground gate motor users can ensure that their gate and property are always safe and secure.

Discrete and understated design

outer housing of the Eagle, underground swing gate motor

If your client finds the look of their newly installed gate particularly important, then the Eagle is the perfect choice.

Once the kit is installed, it is only visible by its sleek cover plates that are inset to the ground. Providing a clean and unobstructed space around the gates, the Eagle provides seamless operation without impacting the appearance of the gates.

The Eagle stays looking as spotless as the day installed, with a hot-dip galvanised foundation box, the underground kit has greater corrosion resistance.

Space efficient with 180° capability.

Utilising underground gate automation is a perfect solution for applications with limited space.

Unlike above-ground kits, the Eagle Underground kit is not reliant on arms to open and close the gates.

This means there is no limitation from the arms and their axis’, the underground kits can therefore open the gates up to 180° from the starting point. This increased flexibility means your gates can seamlessly operate without taking up any of that much-needed space.

Durability and performance guaranteed.

internal Eagle, underground swing gate motor

The Eagle kit uses a high-spec motor that can operate gates up to 600 kg and 3.5 meters wide. Available in 230V for low usage or domestic properties, or 24V that allows intensive use, the Eagle is guaranteed to provide quality operation each time.

Furthermore, thanks to the extremely effective gasket between the two bases, the Eagle has an IP67 rating. This means the kit offers one of the highest levels of protection, and we can ensure that we provide one of the best underground gate automation systems.

This level of durability, performance and safety is further solidified by a series of rigorous mechanical tests and electrical tests that each kit undertakes before distribution. The tests push the limits, putting the product through extreme scenarios such as high-intensity use or harsh weather conditions. This level of testing will ensure that the Eagle will operate at not only the high standard users expect but will transcend user expectations.

Get in touch and find out more!

Think that underground gate motors could be the right choice? Find out more about the Eagle and the rest of our gates & barrier range here.

If you have any questions about gate and barrier automation or if you would like to speak to a member of our team please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team here.

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